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Our Mission Statement:

“turn places into brands”

We are different in the way how we look at the tourism sector in Hungary.

Having some key issues ideintified, we do not further generate probelm-lists, but we initiate quick and effective decision making by our involving and open attitude, well-established and recognised expertise as well as the sharp skills our community members and the whole sector may be very proud of.

We are the most open pool of experts in Place Branding.

Being communications, marketing and tourism professionals, what we can boost is city branding and tourism management in various fields. We do belive in cooperation and networking which can be stenghtened by expressing unique values, welcoming identities and attractive promises.

We are the youngest professional community.

Not only are we a trendy and the youngest tourism marketing think tank in Hungary, but also we are the ones to deliver practical solutions to destinations. Our ferry function is to establish links in order to bring the best out of each other. Our projects are based on effective team work.

Our philosophy:

The well-grounded motivation and organising power of our team is the concept of discussion.

We do believe that most of the problems that seem to be unsolvable are generated by the lack of discussion in the tourism sector in Hungary

We wish to change it by bringing in the culture of negotiations based on values, identities and promisies of the destinations and the people in Hungary.

We are here to connect and talk to you: